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Designing a high quality landing page is key to a business’s success because it serves as a pivot point that converts mere page visits and curious eyes to long-term customers. Landing pages are the main pages of a website wherein the traffic generated online through digital marketing is targeted. Therefore, the objective of a quality landing page design is to achieve a specific goal - which can range from generating sales, prompting sign-ups, lead generation, prompting online sales, or all the above. The design and architecture of a landing page is very crucial as the page defines the prospective action of the visitor and prompts the visitor to take action, which may lead to the desired objective of the company. It is, therefore, more effective to spend more time designing landing pages prior to spending on advertising..

An improved landing page addresses these issues: generation of new leads without exhausting adwords budget, optimizing the potential of display ads for attracting new products and services, and minimizing high bounce rates.

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